Hi Dale
I thought I'd follow up from your email on the GEF list.
How are you progressing with producing dependancy diagrams in Antelope? Will any demonstration be available if I get latest CVS?
I'd really like to know if my time is being wasted on the giANT project. I see no point in developing yet another ant editor myself and would be happy to combine projects.
Had you put much thought into requirements of the diagram in antelope? Is it just a view or were you planning editing through the diagram also?
How are you saving and retrieving diagrams? Is this as a namespace in the build script or as a seperate file?
If you want to take a look at the giANT project you will have to build all of http://swidgets.tigris.org http://mdiworkbench.tigris.org and http://giant.tigris.org. I have yet to get any of these projects to their first release.