Hi Dale
I've just built and run CVS antelope and had a quick look at the code.
Your SaxTree certainly helps build up the graph more easily than I do in giant.
This has inspired me. I'm considering the possibility of adding to core GEF a TreeGraphModel which can attempt to build a graph based on a DefaultTreeModel containg DefaultMutableTreeNodes. I can see this may well create a shortcut for other GEF users.
It may be that I can then develop giant as a plugin to antelope.
I'm also reconsidering the save/load of the diagram layout. I'm busy reading up on SVG right now. It would be neat if the saved document was reusable and could be viewed with other applications.
How did you envisage the graph interacting with the rest of antelope? Was this diagram to be on a modal dialog or was it side by side with the ant script being updated dynamically?
Were you considering being able to add, remove and edit targets by manipulating the graph?
When does your SaxTree update? On each keypress in the editor or when the file is saved?