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CVS update: /antelope/www/

Author danson
Full name Dale Anson
Date 2004-04-08 23:16:18 PDT
Message User: danson
Date: 04/04/08 23:16:18


 minor updates

File Changes:

Directory: /antelope/www/

File [changed]: index.html
Url: http://antelope.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/antelope/www/index.​html?r1=1.12&r2=​1.13
Delta lines: +8 -0
--- index.html 20 Feb 2004 04:43:42 -0000 1.12
+++ index.html 9 Apr 2004 06:16:14 -0000 1.13
@@ -95,6 +95,14 @@
 <li>Integration with Eclipse.</li>
 <li>Drag and drop editing of build files. In the early 90's, Wise made an installation program for Windows. On the left side was a list of items that were dragged to the right side, properties for those items were set, and an installation script was built. Ant targets and tasks could be built in a similar fashion.</li>
+Target dependency mapping, including targets imported with the &lt;import&gt; task and targets includes with xml entity includes.
+Something similar to javadoc for build files.

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CVS update: /antelope/www/ danson Dale Anson 2004-04-08 23:16:18 PDT
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