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CVS update: /antelope/

Author ezust
Full name Alan Ezust
Date 2006-01-31 14:11:14 PST
Message User: ezust
Date: 2006/01/31 14:11:14



 Issue number:
 Obtained from:
 Submitted by: Alan Ezust
 Reviewed by:
 New and improved build file based on the new build-support build file in
 jedit plugin cvs.

File Changes:

Directory: /antelope/

File [removed]: build-support.properties

File [removed]: build-support.xml

File [added]: plugin-build.xml
Url: http://antelope.tigr​is.org/source/browse​/antelope/plugin-bui​ld.xml?rev=1.1&c​ontent-type=text/vnd​.viewcvs-markup
Added lines: 23
<!-- ====================​====================​========== -->
<!-- Build file for the Antelope plugin -->
<!-- :tabSize=4:indentSiz​e=4:noTabs=false: -->
<!-- :folding=explicit:co​llapseFolds=1: -->
<!-- ====================​====================​========== -->
<project name="Antelope" default="build" basedir=".">
    <property file="../build.properties" />
    <property file="build.properties" />
    <property name="javadoc.packagenames" value="ise.antelope.*" />
    <property name="plugin.dependencies" value="ErrorList,Console" />
    <property name="dist.target" value="dist.complete" />

    <import file="../build-suppo​rt/plugin-build.xml"​ />

    <!-- Add needed plugins to the classpath. -->
    <path id="project.class.path">
        <pathelement location="${install​.dir}/Console.jar" />
        <pathelement location="${install​.dir}/ErrorList.jar"​ />
        <pathelement location="lib/gef.jar" />
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