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[Issue 2] Flush out duplicate targets

Author danson
Full name Dale Anson
Date 2004-03-16 15:40:20 PST
Message http://antelope.tigr​is.org/issues/show_b​ug.cgi?id=2

User danson changed the following:

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------- Additional comments from danson at tigris dot org Tue Mar 16 15:40:20 -0800 2004 -------
This is fixed in Ant 1.6.1 (maybe even in 1.6.0), and Antelope picks up the fix
automatically. For example, suppose you have two targets in the same build file
both with the same name, say "compile". Further, suppose the project name is
"mybuild". Then Antelope will show two buttons, one for each target. One button
will say "compile" and the other will say "mybuild.compile". These will be in
order, that is, the first one listed in the build file will be "compile", the
second will be "mybuild.compile". Since antelope sorts the targets
alphabetically, which appears first depends on the actual target name and
project name.

Also, if another build file with a project named "myimportedbuild" is imported
with the <import> task, and that build file also contains a "compile" target,
that target will appear in Antelope as "myimportedbuild.compile", so it will be
obvious which is which.

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[Issue 2] Flush out duplicate targets danson Dale Anson 2004-03-16 15:40:20 PST
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