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Antelope 3.2.9 released

Author Dale Anson <danson at germane-software dot com>
Full name Dale Anson <danson at germane-software dot com>
Date 2005-10-20 21:35:40 PDT
Message Antelope 3.2.9 is now available.

This release fixes several minor bugs and adds several new tasks:

    * Grep, does regular expression matching in property values
    * FileUtil, provides a number of file information functions
    * StringUtil, provides a number of string manipulation operations
    * Suite and Testcase, gives a unit testing capability to Ant
    * Split, chops large files into a number of smaller pieces

Several new conditions have been added for assert and if.

There are a couple of known issues:

    * The <import> task still does not work exactly right, Antelope
      cannot find imported files in all circumstances.
    * Changes in the jEdit plugin classloader causes Antelope to not
      find some optional tasks. This is not an issue when using Antelope
      as a stand-alone application.

I haven't had a lot of time to test, but things seem to be working
well. Let me know if you see problems.



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Antelope 3.2.9 released Dale Anson <danson at germane-software dot com> Dale Anson <danson at germane-software dot com> 2005-10-20 21:35:40 PDT
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