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Mate1 Dating Site - Holiday Coupon Code - 3 Months FREE!

Author postmaster at tigris dot org
Full name postmaster at tigris dot org
Date 2008-12-05 13:15:51 PST
Message <b>Are You Looking To Meet Someone Over The Holidays?</b>

<b>Mate1 Dating Site - Holiday Coupon Code - 3 Months Absolutely Free!</b>

Mate1 boasts a membership of over 16 million online daters with a ratio of 50% men and 50% women for the most even playing field on the Internet. It's by far the hottest dating site on the internet right now... You are guaranteed to meet someone you like!

Mate1 is running a special holiday promotion this week - They are giving away 3 months of free access to new members (Men and Women). Absolutely no credit card/payment required.

<b>Instructions on how to get 3 months of free access to Mate1:</b>
Go to this link - Go to this link - http://www.xmaspoint.com

Signup for a free trial account.
During the signup process it will ask you if you want to signup for a 'Free Trial Account' or if you want to 'Subscribe/Pay' - You want to select “Free Trial Account”.
Once you have successfully signed up and verified your email address and contact information proceed to the subscription link on the Mate1 website.
On the subscription screen there is a place for a coupon code – Enter “HOLIDAY” and click Apply. You will now see you have 3 months of access credited to your account. Enjoy!
Note: Make sure you follow the steps above completely. During the initial signup process it’s important that you do not select subscription because the coupon code field will not be visible. You need to create a free trial account first.

<b>Happy Holidays!
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