Antelope Users Guide, Version 3.4.0

Dale Anson

Table of Contents

1. Legalities
2. Introduction
3. Installation
Install Ant
Installing Antelope as a Stand-Alone Application
Installing Antelope as a jEdit Plugin
4. Requirements
5. Running Antelope
Option Settings
Antelope as a Stand-Alone Application
Antelope as a jEdit Plugin
6. Running Ant Targets
7. Displaying Ant Properties
8. Editing the Build File
9. Tracing Target Execution
10. AntLogger
11. For Developers
Embedding Antelope in Other Applications
API for jEdit Plugin Developers
12. Frequently Asked Questions
13. Support

List of Figures

2.1. Introducing Antelope
5.1. Options Panel
5.2. Antelope as a stand-alone application
5.3. Font chooser
5.4. Editor options
5.5. Syntax highlighting options
5.6. Antelope in jEdit
7.1. Displaying Ant Properties
7.2. Displaying User-Defined Properties
7.3. Displaying Project Description
8.1. Antelope in 'Edit' Mode
8.2. Dependency Tree
9.1. Antelope in 'Trace' Mode

List of Tables

9.1. Target Trace Example Explanation
10.1. AntLogger Properties
10.2. AntLogger Error Levels