Antelope as a Stand-Alone Application

Note: previous releases of Antelope recommended using Ant with the included "run.xml" to start Antelope. This is no longer recommended. If you have Java 1.5 and Ant 1.6 or 1.7, just run the jar file as below, or in Windows and some Linux distributions, you can double click the jar file to start Antelope.

Start Antelope by running:

    cd AntelopeApp_3.4.0
    java -jar AntelopeApp_3.4.0.jar

The first time you run this you will be asked to enter the location of the 'lib' directory of your Ant installation.

You can also install Antelope by hand. Antelope is packaged as a single jar file, Antelope.jar. Several other jar files may be necessary:

Unless you are running an older version of Java and/or an older version of Ant, just running the jar file will automatically include all necessary files.

Here is Antelope running as a stand-alone application:

Figure 5.2. Antelope as a stand-alone application

Antelope as a stand-alone application

Antelope as a stand-alone application provides a few features not found in the plugin version. In the plugin version, these features are provided by jEdit, so are not duplicated. The additional features are:

Printing is not available in this version, but is on the feature list for implementation.