Chapter 8. Editing the Build File

Clicking the "Edit" button puts Antelope in 'edit' mode. Antelope will display a tree representing the build file. Clicking on any item in the tree moves the cursor in the editor to that item in the build file.

As a jEdit plugin, clicking the "Edit" button will open the build file in a jEdit buffer.

As a stand-alone application, clicking the "Edit" button opens the "Edit" tab to edit the build file.

When the file is saved (either by saving the buffer in jEdit or by using the File - Save Build File menu item in stand-alone mode), Antelope will immediately reload the build file to pick up any changes and refresh the button panel to reflect those changes.

Note: If the build file has an xml format error, the target buttons will disappear when the file is saved. To make the buttons reappear, correct the error and resave. Usually the output will give some indication of the error in the build file.

Here is Antelope in edit mode:

Figure 8.1. Antelope in 'Edit' Mode

Antelope in 'Edit' Mode


An Ant Project.

An imported Ant Project.

An Ant Target in the main project file.

An Ant Target in an imported project file.

An Ant Task.

Note the navigation arrows circled in red in the above image. As you click on items in the edit tree, the cursor in the editor panel will move to that item in the build file. The navigation arrows allow you to go back and forward, much like the back and forward buttons on a web browser. Beware that clicking on a target imported from another file will cause that file to be opened in the editor panel.

Figure 8.2. Dependency Tree

Dependency Tree

Right clicking on a target in the edit tree shows a dependency tree for that target. A "dependency tree" shows a list of targets that the selected target will by virtue of the targets being listed in the targets' 'depends' attribute, as well as any targets that may be called by <ant> and <antcall> tasks contained in the target. Like the edit tree, clicking on targets in the dependency tree will also move the cursor in the editor panel to the selected item.

Tip: Antelope can open most xml files and display them in the editor and in the tree. If the xml file is not a build file (as determined by the root element being "project"), then the "Run" and "Trace" mode buttons will be disabled.