Chapter 14. UID

The UID task generates a unique ID. This ID may be either a unique string or integer.

To use this task in your build files, include a task definition like this:

    <taskdef name="uid" classname="ise.antelope.tasks.UIDTask"/>

Table 14.1. UID Task Attributes

nameName of a property to store the unique ID.NoneYes
intIf true, generate a unique integer.falseNo


<uid name="uid_1"/>
<echo>uid_1 = ${uid_1}</echo>
<uid name="uid_2" int="yes"/>
<echo>uid_2 = ${uid_2}</echo>

     [echo] uid_1 = -4a1a8b86:10728498757:-7fff
     [echo] uid_2 = 2